Just COunt to 5!

R&D LENDING is a startup for startups. We understand you need to move fast and have unique needs. We pride ourselves on being agile. A successful small/medium sized SME will typically be financed (funds released) within 5-10 business days of applying and providing the necessary documents.  That means you can get back to doing what you love and keep moving forward!


STEP 1 - Introduction

Speak to an R&D Lending representative. Whether you have been introduced by an industry professional or have taken the initiative yourself, you will be contacted within 24 hours to set up a meeting to take you trhough the process.

STEP 2 - Supply Documents

After the initial conversation, we will give you a checklist of documents we need to being our due diligence process. The sooner these documents are submitted, the sooner your start up can receive financing.

STEP 3 - Follow up Questions

After we have received all the necessary documents, we may have a few questions. If so, we will contact you to make sure we can keep the ball rolling and get your company cash as soon as possible.


Once we've chatted again, we will send over the documents. Take your time, have a read and then when you are ready, sign and send back. Leave the rest to us! 



STEP 5 - Cash Released

That's it! The funds are released within 24 hours of receiving the signed documents. You have now officially been financed and you can get back to growing your business. Perhaps even more importantly, you're part of the family. We would love to keep updated on the business and help out where we can. Whether that be introductions to our VC and angel friends or standard business advice from lawyers to accountants.