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After initial success in Australia, RD LEnding is launching in the United kingdom


For Fast Growing Companies…

  • RD Lending is now accepting applications from fast growing companies

  • Limited spots available. We are looking for a portfolio of just 10 companies

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For Professional Partners…

  • We are looking to partner with R&D tax consultants to help with our portfolio companies

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What is the R&D Tax Relief Scheme

The R&D Tax Relief Scheme for SME’s was introduced in 2000 and aims to encourage efforts spent in developing and improving new products and services.

How much is the rebate?

If the company is loss-making it can choose between carrying the losses generated forward to offset against a future tax liability, or surrendering the losses for a payable tax credit at a rate of 14.5% (as of 1 April 2015). This could mean the company receives a cash credit equivalent to 33.35% of what it spent carrying out R&D.



Who can benefit from the incentive?

The definition of an SME for R&D tax relief purposes is the standard European Commission definition of an SME, but with doubled thresholds, i.e.:
– Less than 500 employees.
– Either: annual turnover < €100 million OR total balance sheet < €86 million.
– All entities within a group are included when calculating the threshold.

The R&D tax relief for SMEs is available to any incorporated company conducting innovation, regardless of its sector of activity.

More reasons why


Focus on growtH

Through alternative financing solutions such as R&D lending, your company can focus on the important things like growing your company. By bringing forward your R&D tax refund you can help put off equity raising for as long as possible in order to hold on to more of your hard earned equity until a higher valuation.

Unlock Cash

The United Kingdom is investing heavily in innovation. The Research and Development (R&D) tax incentive encourages innovative companies to engage in R&D benefiting their businesses and the country, by providing a tax rebate of up to 33.35% on eligible expenditure.

R&D lending allows you to accelerate your company’s growth prospects by allowing you to finance against your eligible R&D schedule, effectively accessing your R&D tax incentive now instead of waiting till the end of the next financial year. ELIGIBLE?


Enjoy working with a company that is truly invested in you! At R&D Lending we specialise in working with STARTUPS. We understand your unique financial needs, the flexibility you require and most importantly, the speed in which you need things done.

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