How does it work?

R&D Process Explanation

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But wait - let's be smarter about this.

If you spend a percentage of the loan on further R&D (approximately 30%), the extra rebate from the ATO will offset the interest repayments owed.

That means - you're not out of pocket at all.

Actually, if you spend more than ≈30% on R&D, you cash flow will be net positive after all interest repayments have been made.

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More reasons why


Focus on growth

Through alternative financing solutions such as R&D lending, your company can focus on the important things like growing your company. By bringing forward your R&D tax refund you can help put off equity raising for as long as possible in order to hold on to more of your hard earned equity until a higher valuation.

Unlock Cash

The Australian Government's Research and Development (R&D) tax incentive encourages innovative companies to engage in R&D benefiting australia, by providing a tax rebate of up to 43.5% on eligible expenditure.

R&D lending allows you to accelerate your company’s growth prospects by allowing you to finance against your eligible R&D schedule, effectively accessing your R&D tax incentive now instead of waiting till the end of the next financial year. ELIGIBLE?


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